About Shirle Bedient

shirle march2015I can’t remember ever doubting there was a God or that He had a Son named Jesus.  Beyond that little bit of information, there wasn’t much else.  It definitely didn’t impact my life because it only mattered when I was in church and that wasn’t a lot.  I was the picture of Not Godless [exactly] but certainly not Godly either [for sure].

I’m a slow learner I guess because later, even after spending a lot of years faithfully active in church, it wasn’t until I was 33 that I figured out that faith is not information or indoctrination…it’s application and inspiration – and that not of myself, it’s a gift of God.

But here I am now, blogging!  Who’d ever have thunk it?  I don’t write these devotional blogs to prove my wisdom, or to convince anyone that what I say is right but to leave room and make time in my life to test out the truth that the Holy Spirit really is revealing me to God and then revealing God to me.  In the meantime I’m pretty sure he’s playing the role of tattletale sometimes and with good reason.  I’m equally as sure that if I persist I’ll hear something back from him.  This is the absolute truth I know…even if I don’t get it right one day, there will be another chance tomorrow.

I read Scripture more for application than finished crossfor information. I think that’s why the Bible has survived all these centuries. It isn’t just a storybook of how God’s people dealt with life then, it’s a book of truths that in some mysterious, creative way is the to key to living our lives as God’s people right now.

My mind hooks onto some word or passage of Scripture and asks “why does that matter to me, in this time, in my life and all these years later?”  It surprises me the places my mind will go to find these connections.  Sometimes these devotions have a reverent tone and even some tears of gratitude.  At other times I smile at the quirkiness of how my mind works to find an up-to-date connection so that the truth that has captured my attention makes sense to me. Truth be told, some days there is no connection at all, but there is tomorrow.

Curious about the cross?  Click here to go
to my Art Blog and read about it’s creation.

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