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Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 – MORE

John 6:15 Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself. “ 

What are your perceptions about Jesus this Easter Morning?  I’m guessing they’re like mine.  It is good to celebrate this glorious day because our hearts have responded to the Savior whose purpose was to give His life for ours.  We celebrate because Jesus’s death on a cross has been honored by God, who has come to us now as a Resurrected Savior.  We celebrate because that Savior, whose power now extends beyond the grave, has chosen to give us MORE; his life within us.  

MORE is the one word I wrote that makes John 6:15 both difficult and meaningful to consider.  It’s an odd thing to find myself  this special Easter morning asking “why?”   Why did Jesus withdraw from the crowd that wanted to force Him to be their king?  I think my answer lies in that “MORE…”

MORE was indeed what the people wanted.  They knew that much!  But Jesus had come for something MORE than the useful byproduct of miracles. MORE miracles could not transform a life. Transformation was something MORE than a heart recognizing Jesus did have miraculous power. Jesus would not settle for being their king. There was something MORE to that purposeful separation. 

This Resurrection Day
I have remembered giving MORE is still God’s useful purpose.
Jesus’s purposeful separation between the cross and the grave
has become the MORE of my own salvation.
MORE is not just the useful byproduct of
the miraculous sign of resurrection.
MORE this Resurrection Day IS Jesus!
Jesus is The Road Out from the slavery of my separation from God
and The Road In to new life in a different Kingdom
MORE than that…Today I remember
The Resurrected Jesus is THE MIRACLE!