Interrupted Preparation

John 19:14 It was the day of Preparation of the Passover; it was about noon.“Here is your king,” Pilate said to the Jews.


“The day of Preparation” has been like a flashing light pushing me to read…and ponder this one verse from John 19.  Did you notice that capital “P”I’ve come to the conclusion what little I understand about timing and calendars and the observance of Passover is related to that phrase. That makes it very important to me.  Jesus has eaten the Passover meal with His friends.  Friday was considered the day of preparation for the Sabbath which began at sundown. This particular Sabbath preparation day has occurred during Passover week.  Preparation for Passover week always includes the complete removal of all leaven from the home and the diet for the entire week’s observance.  It’s a separation of time with a meaningful purpose.

The removal of leaven is a remembrance of the Jew’s misfortune at being driven out of Israel, the intention of the evil against them and a sacrifice of time to interrupt an expected cycle.  FYI: Leavened bread was created by the decay of wheat and water that created yeast-like bubbles of fermentation that could raise the dough and change the texture of the bread.  There is a tipping point in that cycle of fermentation where the dough that has been slightly soured is still edible and must be used, or it will be ruined.  Timing is everything.  During Passover Week, the removal of leaven becomes that separation of time that gives evidence of the desire to remove what is past and look forward to a new beginning. 

That has become my beacon of light from God.  Little did Pilate or the Jewish priests and leaders realize they were participating in “the day of Preparation” God had already planned.  The “Preparation” was Jesus.  He interrupted that preparation at just the right time to give evidence of God’s desire to prevent the expected cycle of ruin and offer Himself as the “Bread of Life.”

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