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“No matter what changes God has performed in you, never rely on them. Build only on a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and on the Spirit He gives. All our promises and resolutions end in denial because we have no power to accomplish them.” Oswald Chambers

The word “denial” made me think of Peter [the rock] and then King David [a man after God’s own heart]. Somehow there’s comfort for me in recognizing God saw past their humanity to those descriptions. They are my Biblical examples of the truth of what Chambers says. There are illuminating moments of real personal Godliness to enjoy. But there are also moments of the dismal reality of being way too human.

Those moments are not reward and punishment. They are Reminders. One is a reminder of His reality in you and the other that He cares enough to let you know you still need him. Either way it’s a blessing.

Open Doors

Revelation 3:8 I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

Quote from Oswald Chambers – My Utmost For His Highest”
“God does not tell you what He is going to do— He reveals to you who He is.”

So does that mean God is showing me through his opening of doors  the paths he wants me to take?  I had to ponder the Open Door idea a bit.  I do think God is always in charge of doors.  Only he knows what he’s going to do and how he’s going to show you who he is.  I like the image of a “hand-holding” Christ.

In my life this is how it’s worked.  Sometimes I’ve gone through an open door and have discovered new strengths and abilities I didn’t know I had.  Christ was holding my hand, pulling me along saying “Come on, let’s do it together.”  He was there.

There have been other times I’ve gone through an open door expecting the same result only to find disappointment and even failure.  The same Christ was holding my hand and saying the same words “Come on, let’s do it together” with a totally different outcome, but… He was there.

Open Doors are not guarantees, they are opportunities.  As long as you recognize those two things you can choose that open door with the best possible information you have, and confidence.  Then hang on to his hand for dear life.  He’ll be there.

Depend on This

This is a quote From Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest.   “Maturity is produced in the life of a child of God on the unconscious level”

It’s an odd quote demanding my thought because of the word maturity combined with the phrase “unconscious level.”  Long ago I made what seemed to be a conscious decision to walk into Jesus life and let his become a part of mine.  I followed that by consciously acquiring all the facts that would lead me to devotion to God and to maturity.

It’s easier to do the conscious stuff.  It may not seem easy to surrender your time but it’s do-able. In your conscious mind you know so much you must be mature, right?   Surrendering your mind at the same time you surrender your time is the unconscious part.  It’s harder and riskier to let your mind creatively roam in the realm of God, Christ, and the Word.  Maturity is very likely that unconscious part that drives you to invest yourself in that realm knowing that even though you will likely get much of it wrong at some point you can Depend on This: It’s the only way you’ll ever get anything right.